How to replace the Point lens

Replacing your lens on Point is done in a few easy steps. If you haven't ordered yours yet, you can do it today.

Before we begin, let us make sure we have everything we need. You will need a plastic card to remove the old lens, the new lens, and of course your Point.

In the video below, Martin goes through how to replace the lens on Point.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Turn off our Point to prevent unwanted notifications. 
  2. Remove the old lens. Insert the plastic card in the gap between the lens and the base of Point. Gently crank the lens assembly off by moving around the Point. The lens holder will snap off.
  3. Avoid touching any of the electronics inside.
  4. Locate the 3 flat surfaces on the outer edge of the lens assembly and align them to the 3 openings in the plastics of the Point. Once in position press the lens assembly in place until you hear a click. You should not have to use a lot of force, if you do, make sure you have positioned the lens correctly and try again.
  5. Turn your Point on again and mount it on the metal plate!