Om oss (engelska)

In 2014 we stumbled upon a website that linked web cameras which all faced the inside of someone’s home. There were babies sleeping, couples eating in front of the TV, friends taking of their shoes in the doorway, and a lot more. While this particular site is no more (thankfully), we have seen several since. We wholeheartedly believe there are better ways to monitor our homes.

We set out to create a better way for keeping our homes safe.

We are a group of engineers and explorers who work together to help you and your community take care your homes. Our idea is simple, by connecting existing communities with technology we can spend less time worrying our homes and loved ones.

On the journey so far we have thousands of supportive users in over 60 countries to help us stay on the right path.

Today we have offices in Malmö and Stockholm, Sweden, as well as a regular presence in Shenzhen, China—the hardware Mecca of the world. If you’re passionate about homes and communities, stop by for a coffee!